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Department of Neurosurgery & Neurology is one of the most active departments of SLMSH as it is well established with the constant support of practicing doctors & walk-in patients of the neighborhood. Sri Lakshmi Multi Speciality Hospital is situated on the Magadi Main Road easily approachable is perfectly supported with 24 hours Trauma & Emergency Care with eminent surgeons. The past 5 years Hospital has conducted many Neurosurgeries mainly due to Trauma & accident & the success rate is exceptionally well.

Clinical Services Area

Spine Care: We offer our patients a conservative approach of spine care providing the most appropriate treatment option non-surgical & surgical, tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Trauma Centre: Our hospital trauma center is based on the concept of Neuro Trauma as a journey- a journey most of our patients & families never anticipated they are making. Our hospital team faces the challenges of informing & educating the families at the time of incredible emotional, psychological & financial stress through honest yet compassionate communication. We guide families & patients through the worst to better times based on principles of supportive information delivery.




We provide diagnostic testing, pain management, psychological counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy & a wide variety of surgical procedures such as microdiscectomy, cervical & lumbar spine fusions & disc replacement.
  • Brain Tumors
  • Aneurysms & Vascular Malfunctions
  • Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disorders

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