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SLMSH being a Multi-specialty hospital making all endeavors to provide the best medical care to patients in the neighborhood & department of Oncology & Oncology surgery is emerging by defining the cancer care in an intent to help the patients achieve longer, better lives & to improve cancer care under SLMSH roof.


Medical Oncology

Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which grow & divide quickly. Often, side effects get better or go away after chemo is over. This can be given before surgery or radiotherapy called neo-adjuvant therapy or after called adjuvant chemotherapy. Before there used are few chemotherapy drugs but now we have several options of giving 1st, 2nd & 3rd line drugs. These drugs are showing promising results & could be used to treat cancer as a chronic disease.

At SLMSH, we are committed to creating an atmosphere that encourages the professional & personal achievements of everyone in the organization. By conducting CME’s, we intend to share the knowledge of every physician. Patients are the end beneficiaries of these achievements. Many milestones have been accomplished till now in treating many cancer patients at SLMSH & we are constantly putting our endeavors in providing the best cancer care at AFFORDABLE COST.
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